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Social Media Knowledge Exchange

-The AHRC Social Media Knowledge Exchange (SMKE) is a collaborative project that aims to give postgraduate students and early career researchers in the Arts and Humanities opportunities for knowledge exchange with social media practitioners in academia, museums, archives, libraries, and the voluntary sector.
-I interviewed Dr Muhamed Fatouh Awad Muhamed of the Tahrir Doctors group, for my podcast project, ‘Organizing a revolution: the Tahrir Doctors’ experience of using social media.’

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-Provided expert analysis on BBC World Have Your Say on the Egyptian revolution, the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood and the recent terrorist attacks in the Sinai region. August 18, 2013.

BBC – World Have Your Say

-Provided expert analysis on BBC World Have Your Say on the divisions which occurred in the aftermath of the July coup. July 10, 2013.


-Interviewed for Deutschlandradio on the resignation of Hosni Mubarak. February 12, 2011.