Teaching Modules [Undergraduate & Postgraduate Courses]:

  • Regent’s University London/International Relations/ ‘The Politics of Conflict in the Middle East’Security Issues in the Middle East’ [UG/PG, 2017]
  • King’s College/War Studies/6SSW2041’ Security Issues in the Middle East Since WWII’ [UG, 2015-16]
  • King’s College /War Studies/7SSWM116 ‘Dissertation Supervision’ [PG, 2015-16]
  • King’s College/Department of History/ 4AAH1006 ‘Europe from 1793 to 1991’ [UG, 2010–14]
  • King’s College/Department of History/ 4AAH1004 ‘Power, Culture & Belief in Europe 1500-1800’ [UG, 2010–12]